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Managing your privacy online can be hard and confusing. Jumbo makes it easy to protect your privacy, increase your online security, and achieve privacy peace-of-mind.

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All you have to do is login to your accounts. Authentication happens on your phone, and Jumbo does not store your data.


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Jumbo will take care of the rest by scanning the services and helping you easily fix major privacy concerns.

Download Jumbo Privacy
Download Jumbo Privacy

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“Jumbo Privacy is honestly easy to use, unlike other privacy apps and services which require the end user to know a lot more and often provide fewer actual tangible services. I would recommend Jumbo Privacy to anyone, though, not just users who are concerned about their privacy and don't understand what all the settings mean, because even if you're very tech savvy, why wouldn't you want such a helpful product?”

- Christopher T.

“Thanks to Jumbo, it's never been easier to protect your online privacy. Its easy-to-use interface walks you through the process and helps you quickly adjust settings for a whole range of online services. Also a useful recommendation if you have family members who kind of care about their privacy but maybe not enough to spend hours researching the right settings... Jumbo does it for them.”

- F.

“Jumbo is not only a great app that helps me watch and adjust my privacy and security settings but it's also a great team of dedicated people who deliver great quality and are always embracing feedback.”

- Jannis H.

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